Welcome to the website – an official internet site of research team ‘Elasmodus’ (Elasmodus Lab). The Lab focuses on fossil chondrichyan fishes – mainly on chimaeroids, chimaeriforms and holocephalian at all from the European Russian as well as rests of the World. Website name is devoted with ‘laminated tooth’ chimaeroid genus Elasmodus – common European Cretaceous and Paleocene chimaeroid fossils, recently recorded from the Jurassic as well. The website consists of research results of the Elasmodus Team, field photographs, data on chimaeroid localities and collections as well as elasmobranch and holocephalian bibliography and some other useful data.



Our research and website were funded by the Russian Fund for Basic Researches (RFBR projects № 10-05-00926, 14-05-00828 and 18-05-01045)



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